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Get our Standard Package of custom sourced lists of influencers and analyses of hashtags.
Market research on your community, keywords, hashtags and more.
Identify big and small influencers in your specific industry.
Maximize your brand exposure using hashtags that provide the highest impact.
Gain insight into your follower communities and interest groups.
Conversation topics
Surface and learn from conversation topics surrounding your business.
Enrich your data and improve your analytics with social media intelligence.
Engage influencers rapidly with template contracts and playbooks.
Essentials Package
$79 $39 /report (beta)

Top Influencers in a popular niche
Hashtag analysis for a popular niche
Standard Package
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Top Influencers in your niche
Micro-Influencers in your niche
Potential customers
Hashtag analysis
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$850 $600 /report (beta)

Top Influencers in your niche
Micro-Influencers in your niche
Potential customers
Hashtag analysis
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“SocialFinda is a great service! We were able to find new influencers to follow and our engagement has increased. The hashtag data has given us valuable information on how to tag our posts and engage in communities on Twitter. This is a great service for content marketers and I can’t recommend it enough. Rather than scrolling through Twitter all day trying to find someone, SocialFinda makes it easy.”
— Cameron Cowan (Editor-in-chief)
“Amazing work and great service! I’ve been stuck on this problem for days, but thanks to you it has been sorted out! Thank you so very much for the profile analysis dataset, you saved me a lot of trouble. Can’t thank you enough!”
— Redditor (who chose to remain unnamed)
“I also used your reports for Twitter and now we have over 1000 followers! Thanks again, it was awesome to have your help!”
— Aon & Lan (Travel Influencers, winner of Blogger Thailand 2019 Award by the Tourist Authority of Thailand)
How effective is social media marketing?
Various survey have found that brands gained $5 to $6 in Earned Media Value for each dollar spent. Even higher returns have been reported from campaigns seeking exposure and engagements. In addition, many brands also benefit from the content created by influencers.
How is an influencer’s rank determined?
Influencers (and members of your community) are ranked using many factors including the relevance of their profiles and content, follower counts, voice, and more. No single factor dominates, notably, a bigger follower count is not necessarily better, and smaller influencers could potentially provide a better ROI (they may charge less for each follower).
Why are the package prices discounted during the beta test?
The discounts during the beta test reflect the limited scope of our reports compared to our full package. They also represent rewards for early participation in our beta program.
Will I need to provide access to my social media account?
No. We will only work with publicly available data and content.
What languages can you search in?
Our searches perform best in English. It is possible to work with other languages, however, this may require more interpretation of the results.
How do I know which packages are suitable for my business?
We are happy to discuss your level of investment and effort depending on your situation and goals. Our recommended strategies will also benefit greatly from your existing marketing initiatives, including your content and social media strategy.