Detailed FAQ

How should I approach an influencer?
This depends on the influencer and what motivates them. Often, they are not driven by money but by interest in a topic, and engaging in conversation with their followers. Usually, one would start by reading through the reports and follow and engage with the profiles that seem most compatible. Once you have made contact, you may provide free products in return for reviews, or discuss financial arrangements for other endorsements. We could also provide a template contract as a starting point to a more formal arrangement.
What do you need to know about my business in order to perform a search?
We are interest in knowing your niche, related areas of interest and your marketing strategy in general. If you have ideas for keywords or hashtags to search for in a Standard Package, that will also help. Other useful keywords could even include your competitor’s brand names.
How many profiles can SocialFinda search?
Our beta is currently limited to just under 20 million profiles. After checking every profile, we rank and shortlist the top few hundred most relevant influencers, micro-influencers, and other interesting profiles that may be good customers.
What additional information or data could I provide?
Under our Insights Package, we can discuss extensions or customizations that can provide better analytics, appends of your customer’s social media details (contacts or preferences/keywords), better cost model for engagements, import ban lists, and more. Under the Comprehensive Package, we are able to undertake even more in-depth investigations. If you have existing data or analytics data, for example, we may be able to combine them with social media data for matching profiles. Additionally, we are especially interested in developing better attribution scores as a way to quantify the effectiveness of the marketing campaigns we’ve developed for you.
Can you search for influencers in a specific location?
Currently, the beta provides only limited location information. Eventually, this will be something provided in the Standard Package.
What will the process involve, how will it all work?
Look at the different steps in the process here.
Which social networks do the packages cover?
Currently, SocialFinda beta is limited to the Twitter community only.
What is your favorite movie?
Groundhog Day (1993), all your answers to love, life, death and everything else!